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Register for Swimming Lessons

You can register for the Swimming Lessons or the Kidsclub     by clicking on the   button below. After registration, your son/daughter will be placed on our waiting list.  

After registration you will receive  a login for our online student tracking system, in which you can check the status of the registration.


When there are slots available and your child is four and a half years or older, you will receive a message from us to start with the swimming lessons.

If you have any questions, you can ask them via our contact form or by calling 06-83489262



Click here if you want to see the overview of the rates.

Click here for the  Terms and Conditions.

Click here for the privacy statement.


Registration fee

One-time € 5

To register, a one-off contribution of € 5 euros is required.

Materials package

Not available

After the transition from the SuperSpetters diploma to the swimming ABC, the material package has been discontinued.


A new interpretation will be given to the material package.


€ 25   per month

There is an annual contribution of €275, which will be paid in 11 installments.

* The kidsClub is only for children with a C-Diploma.

Swimming lessons
1x a week 40 minutes

€ 40 per month

There is an annual contribution of € 440, - this will be paid in 11 installments.

Swimming lessons
1x a week   60 minutes

€ 60   per month

There is an annual contribution of € 660, which will be paid in 11 installments.


* Only possible on friday. Limited slots available.

Swimming lessons
2x a week

You will be charged for 2 lessons. 

Costs depend on 40/60 minute lessons.

2x 40 minute lessons - €80 per month

1x40 & 1x60 minute lessons - €100 per month

*2x 60 minute lessons are not possible

* You will still owe the contribution if, for whatever reason, you do not participate in the activity you have chosen one or more times,

** There will be no swimming lessons on public holidays, such as kingsday, Ascension Day, etc.

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