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On this page you will find all the news and updates regarding swimming lessons, events and studies.

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Swimming school of PSV overhauled: 'Swimming lessons should be much more fun and challenging'

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Fresh graduates

Nine children successfully passed their C-level swimming exam at the graduation event of Dutch Dolphin Swimming Club on the last Saturday of March.
The kids all completed their swimming course in the past few years, until they were ready for the diploma showdown. With parents and swimming coaches supporting, all of them matched the requirements of the official examination. 

The kids had to showcase themselves in the strokes of back, breast and freestyle. After their performances they were given a C-level swimming diploma, which represents their ability to swim confidently.

The Dutch Dolphin Swimming Club is a pioneer in the world of swimming schools with their innovative, gamification based teaching methods. Their mission is to make the process of learning to swim more fun for the kids, giving a positive connotation to swimming lessons.
Thanks to the capacity of their home, the National Swimming Center of Tongelreep, and the hard-working team of swimming coaches, new kids applying can start their swimming lessons immediately without a waiting list!

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As a PSV - Dutch Dolphin swimming school, we stand for fun and high-quality swimming lessons. The fact that children have to learn to swim well does not mean that a swimming lesson cannot be fun. In our lessons the latest innovations and insights are used, so that these lessons are completely adapted to the perception of the child. As a swimming school, we therefore stand for safety, quality and fun.


Give your child a lifetime of fun in the water and come for a swim at PSV - Dutch Dolphin Swimming Club. Register before June 10 with the mention MeiDolphin and swim the first month completely free! There are no waiting lists, so you can start quickly!


* This promotion runs until June 10th

** Discount is only valid for swimming lessons once a week

*** The discount does not include the one-off costs.


Module Water polo


In September we will start with the StarPlan. The StarPlan offers various modules such as competitive swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo. Each module consists of 10 lessons in which children learn skills that they will not learn during regular swimming lessons.

The first module we offer is the water polo module. This module is given in collaboration with PSV - Water Polo and will therefore be given by one of their trainers.

Would you like more information about the SterrenPlan,
then click on the button below.


Collaboration between InnoSportLab de Tongelreep and PSV Zwemsporten


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