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Material package SuperSpetters

With the SuperSpetters method you must purchase a material package in advance. This material package includes SuperSpetters glasses and swimming cap. The glasses are used during the swimming lessons to learn some skills, while the swimming cap ensures more togetherness.


In addition to the glasses and the swimming cap, you will also receive a Donald Duck swimming book. In this swimming book, the children can keep track of their progress themselves. When they have a certain skill, they get a sticker to stick in the book. The book contains fun stories, games and drawings. It also contains fun facts for the parents.


When all stickers are in the book, your child is allowed to swim. When the swimming diploma has been successfully completed, he will receive a SuperSpetters diploma. The diploma is part of the package. So you no longer have to pay extra diploma costs, which is the case with the Swimming ABC. Of course, your child must meet the requirements before receiving a diploma. Your child will also receive a real medal for his fantastic achievement to show his family and friends.


Included in the material package:

  • A bathing cap

  • Swimming goggles

  • The Donald Duck swimming book

  • The SuperSpetters diploma

  • A medal


You get all this for just € 45, -
Swimming lessons where lessons are taught according to the Swimming ABC, you often also spend this money on diploma costs.

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