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New corona measures

Last night, the cabinet announced new measures.
Today the swimming pool also announced the tongue bar new measures that we must adhere to.

It is important that we all adhere to these rules, if we do not, there is the chance that we will no longer be allowed to give swimming lessons.

I would like to inform you about the measures within the swimming pools. These measures apply from 09/29/2020 6:00 PM.

  • Do not arrive too early 5 minutes before the start of the swimming lesson, you are only allowed to enter the accommodation.
    If you are earlier then you will have to wait outside or in the car.

  • At home, put on the swimwear underneath the normal clothes, so that your child only has to take off the outerwear.
    A onesie is experienced as very easy.

  • In the central hall of the municipal swimming pools and in other places where many visitors gather, it is strongly recommended to wear a non-medical mouth mask. This is not necessary for children up to the age of 12.

  • Parents / supervisors are not allowed to be present at the swimming lesson and wait outside the accommodation or pick up their child later.

  • Parents / supervisors are allowed to assist in changing their child.

  • One parent / supervisor per child is allowed to enter for changing. Brothers and sisters up to the age of 12 are also allowed to enter the dressing room.

  • The showers remain closed.

I hope for your understanding and cooperation. With your cooperation, we can ensure that the swimming lessons can continue as usual.

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